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4 Winter Home Selling Tips

Winters in Colorado means snow is blanketing your yard for a good portion of the winter. And when the snow melts off, you have dead grass and dormant plants on display. So for selling a home in the winter you can't bank on your landscaping as a selling point—no matter how great it is. To overcome this obstacle to selling your home in the winter, Team Lassen brings you 4 winter home selling tips.

  1. Use pictures from spring or summer. If possible use pictures from spring or summer for marketing—including posters, print ads, and online ads. Using these pictures will show potential buyers what the home looks like when plants are green and in bloom.
  2. Keep up with yard maintenance. Even if you can't show off your garden and trees, you can still increase curb appeal with yard maintenance. Rake up all leaves, dead-head flowers and plants, trim back plants that need trimming, and always make sure to shovel the walks when you have showings. 
  3. Add extra lighting. Buyers like to see a home in the daylight but that can be hard to do in the winter with the sun setting so early. To make your home brighter, add extra floor lamps to show off your home to winter buyers.
  4. Be flexible with closing dates. Weather delays and busy winter schedules can cause problems for home buyers during the winter. To accommodate the buyers, be flexible with closing dates and work around them.

For even more winter selling tips, check out this article from U.S. News and World Report. And for help with buying or selling a home in Colorado, contact us today at Team Lassen.