Catch the Eye of A Potential Buyer with These Summertime Selling Tips - Team Lassen

Catch the Eye of A Potential Buyer with These Summertime Selling Tips

Summer is an exciting time. There are many events that occupy your potential target's mind. Make sure you stand out! Catch their eye with these tips for selling during the summer. 

Start with the Outdoors

A Potential home-buyer considers your entire property in their decision. 

  • Mow your grass regularly. You want the yard well-kept. Mow it at least twice a month. Consider mowing it more depending on how fast it grows.
  • Water your lawn. A brown lawn is not eye-catching. Keep your lawn healthy with regular watering. Obey local rules if a drought goes into effect.
  • Clean up the toys. Enjoy the yard with your family. Store items after use. If you have pets, make sure you remove their waste. 
  • Create an outdoor living area. Set up your outdoor furniture. If the showing is towards dusk light some tiki torches. Allow the buyer to imagine hosting a party.
  • Clean up the garden. Remove any leaves or other debris. Add some top soil and mulch.
  • Plant inviting and colorful flowers and shrubs. Once the garden is clean add some color. Choose plants that thrive in your weather. Ask a master gardener for tips on what to choose. 
  • Repair out buildings. If you have a shed, make sure it's clean. Make sure you repair any leaks.
  • Repair your deck. Check your deck and repair it. Consider staining it so that it is ready to use.  
  • Paint your fence.  
  • Assess your driveway. Check your driveway. Consider making repairs as needed.

Move Inside

Once you get the buyer's attention, it's time to bring them inside. Let them imagine hosting parties and enjoying life in their new home.

  • Keep the home tidy. Make sure the home is always ready to show. No dishes in the sink. Eliminate the clutter. Tidy up everyday. Get your kids to help you.
  • Keep the bathroom stocked. Always have extra tissues and products on hand for a showing.
  • Don't turn off the power. If you've already moved, keep the power on. This way you can turn on the AC. Comfortable buyers focus easier. 
  • Invite them with cool, refreshing snacks and drinks. Treat your buyer like a guest. Leave snacks and a thank you note for the showing.
  • Make any home repairs before listing the house.
  • Open the curtains and shades. Let the buyer see your home in natural light.
  • Make sure the basement is clean.

We understand the need to stand out in the season of fun and travel. Contact us today for help making a mark with your home. We look forward to answering your questions.