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3 DIY Holiday Home Decor Projects

'Tis the season to deck the halls (and trees, walls, doors...you get the idea). Store-bought decor can be a convenient way to go, but there's something so special and charming about DIY holiday decorations. 

To help get you in the crafting spirit, we’ve compiled a few thoughtful projects that will help you bring some holiday cheer into your home, as well as save you some serious dough! Don’t own a hot glue gun? No problem! Even newbie crafters will find something for their skill level! 

  1. DIY Holiday Candy Cane Door Decor

Welcome your family home with these super-sweet holiday wreath and swag ideas.

How to make a candy cane wreath (left): Arrange your candy canes in an outward circle. Position the hooks facing the same direction. Attach them with hot-glue (don’t stress over the ends lining up perfectly. We’ll be covering them anyway). Cover the center with a few strategically placed peppermint candies. Overlap them slightly and keep them in place with hot-glue. Decorate with some festive ribbon threaded through two of the candy canes up top to hang!

Constructing the wreath at top right: Carefully wrap a 12-inch foam wreath form (you can pick these up from hobby stores or in the craft section at most big box stores) in white ribbon. Attach candy cane sticks, small candy canes, and peppermint balls with hot-glue to completely cover the wreath form. Loop a decorative ribbon around the top of the wreath to hang.

Making a swag: Combine some extra-large and regular-sized candy canes together. Be sure to stagger the heights and direction the hooks are facing. Hold everything together with hot-glue. Tie a bow around the stem, and insert greenery. Voila! You have an adorable door swag.

2. DIY Holiday Dried Citrus Christmas Garland

With citrus coming into season this time of year, dried orange garland is a beautifully simple and cost-effective way to decorate for the holidays! This project really is as simple as it looks. Thinly slice some oranges (add lemons, grapefruit or clementines for some added interest)! Dry them out in the oven (low temp for a couple of hours generally does the trick), and string them onto twine to form a garland. You can also add other decorative elements, like fir branches, cinnamon sticks, or even cranberries, for a more festive effect! Drape around windows, on staircases, mantels, or a piece of furniture for a beautiful, seasonal statement - no hot glue necessary!

3. DIY Holiday Card Tree

Getting holiday cards is always heartwarming, but what do you DO with them after you’ve received your 97th one for the season? Corral your incoming Christmas correspondence into a tree-shaped art installation! Place a galvanized bucket underneath to collect outgoing gifts, party favors, or holiday mail for an extra festive touch.

We hope some of these easy ideas have you feeling ready to deck your halls with some DIY flair this holiday season! 

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