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How to Stage for Interested Renters

Whether you currently own investment property or are looking into buying a few residential opportunities in the near future, one of the key aspects to the process of being a successful landlord is staging. To see the difference that staging makes, even in an empty home, simply look closely at the differences between listings on public property sites likes Zillow. Some homes look dingy even when they're clean, cramped even if they're spacious, an dim even when the sun makes them shine at the right time of day. Others can be furnished or barren but the floorboards glow, the space looks open and welcoming, and you start to imagine yourself in the home already. This is the magic of staging, an art you'll want to master or hire someone who has in order to attract the highest caliber of tenants for your rental property.

What is Staging?

Staging is the art of making a home appealing to future residents. People looking to sell their homes 'stage' them with attractive furniture and decor to show prospective buyers how nice it could be to live there and landlords often stage homes and apartments to make their units more attractive. Staging usually involves lightly furnishing a home to help potential residents better imagine what it would be like to live there.

Of course, in many urban areas where the demand for housing is high, you could probably rent a home with unpainted drywall, but a little bit of staging is a nice touch and shows your residents that you want them to feel comfortable.

Staging Without Furniture

How much you choose to stage should depend on a combination of your budget, the time you want to dedicate to staging, and how much you enjoy decorating. A staged home can rent for more, and an actually furnished home or apartment is even more valuable for families without furniture to move with. However, the most practical and easily budgeted choice for many landlords will be to stage without furniture and simply focus on making the place look welcoming.

Curtains are your number one best seller when it comes to staging without furniture. This is, in part, because a home with empty windows looks vacant and spooky while even simple curtains make a place look more like a residence. A few other little touches will cause potential renters to feel more at home.

  • Breezy Curtains in the Windows
  • Cutting board or martini glasses on the island
  • Handsoap and toilet paper in the bathrooms
  • Elegant shower curtain
  • A welcome mat by the front door
  • A mirror in the bathroom (often forgotten)

These small little decorative and supply choices will make your rental property seem much more welcoming and ready for your new tenants to simply arrive with their things and begin living comfortably. Join us next time for the second half of this article where we'll talk about how to stage with furniture and the possibilities of renting a furnished home. For more information about staging your rental properties to attract ideal residents, contact us today!