10 Ideas for Staging Your Home During the Winter - Team Lassen

10 Ideas for Staging Your Home During the Winter

It is important to adjust your house staging ideas for the season it hits the market. When you are planning to stage your home in the winter it is important to focus on warmth and safety. Your potential buyers will see your yard before your home. Make sure you stage the outside as well as the inside.  

  1. Maintain your walkways and driveway. Keep them clear of ice, snow, and other winter hazards. 
  2. Take care of your patio or back porch. Make sure it is cleared off for anyone who wants to see your backyard.
  3. Make sure there is a welcome mat at each entrance. This helps ensure no one will fall if there is ice or slush present.
  4. Consider some seasonal decorations. Add a wreath to the door to welcome potential buyers especially close to the holidays.
  5. Add some winter plants to the entry and windows.  Some great winter plants include ornamental kale and the pansy.
  6. Set the table for a welcoming dinner scene. Winter means family gatherings. Set your dining room table for dinner. Use some fake food to add more to the scene.
  7. Clean all of your forgotten fabrics. Have your drapery cleaned so it lets more light in. While you are at it, clean your pillows and other hard-to-clean fabrics.
  8. Change out your fading light bulbs. Winter is a bland season. Add some warmth and light to your home by simply changing out your fading light bulbs. Choose bulbs that fit the space, but do not overpower it.
  9. Offer warm beverages and treats for potential buyers that visit. They are stepping in from a cold environment. Leave them some warming goodies in the kitchen. Not only is this a kind gesture, but the smell of the fresh baked treats will entice them to see the kitchen.
  10. Light the fireplace. If your home has one or more fireplaces in it, make sure they are lit prior to a showing. If you have a remote control fireplace, make sure your real estate agent knows how to control it. This way they can show the interested buyer. 

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