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3 Must Do Springtime Adventures in Colorado

It's official - Spring is less than two months away! Why not start planning now? We all know that Colorado is a beautiful state all year-long, but Spring seems to take that beauty to a whole new level. Below are just three of the many springtime activities in Colorado that you simply cannot miss this year: 

Soaking in the Hot Springs

There are dozens of Colorado Hot Springs peppered across the state, and each one is unique. From the historic mining town of Idaho Springs to the luxurious Mount Princeton resorts, you are sure to find something that your family enjoys. Soaking in a hot spring against a backdrop of a mountain range is truly a special Colorado experience. 

Hiking in the National Parks

Colorado has four National Parks: Rocky Mountain, Great Sand Dunes, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and Mesa Verde. Each one is in a different part of the state which is wonderful for hiking because you will experience different terrains, views, plant life and wildlife at each one. 

Enjoying a Local Festival

Local festivals in Colorado are the pride and joy of their towns, and so much fun to attend with friends and family. There are festivals that focus on food, beer, wine, music, and so much more. You are bound to find one that suits you perfectly. 

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