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3 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home

Looking to get your home ready to hit the market? You've probably heard that a properly staged home sells faster and may potentially fetch a higher asking price. Professional staging services provide an option to prepare your home for the market, but is it possible to stage your own house? These 3 staging tips will help you get your house ready to hit the real estate market.

Clear Up Your Clutter

Yes, your house is full of your things, but potential buyers won't want to see all of your personal clutter in the home they want to move in to. De-cluttering your home may seem like an inconvenience but clean, clutter-free areas make your home look larger with more open space. Even if the personal items around the house reflect your personal style, pack them away while showing your home.

Symmetry is Key

When staging a home, many professionals bring in matching items such as throw pillows and certain pieces of furniture. If you choose to stage your own home, take this tactic and work with what you have in your home. Create eye-appealing symmetry when decorating your living spaces, to catch potential buyers' attention. Using pairs of pillows, lamps, or chairs can create a conversational area and encourage buyers to consider how to use the space in your home.

Take a Look at Lighting

Did you know that your home may not have proper lighting? Many homes are lacking in the correct lights for a staged, comforting look. When staging your home, increase the watts used by your lights to 100 watts for every 50 square feet. Change up the types of lighting in your spaces between ambient, task, and accent.

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