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4 Front Range Locations to Build Your Home

Ah, the Rocky Mountains... The Front Range truly takes your breath away, doesn’t it? Lucky for house hunters, this stretch runs from New Mexico to Wyoming, and right through the heart of Colorado. Each of these towns in Colorado provides striking western views of the Rockies from various vantage points. Are you considering relocating? Team Lassen is ready and able to build your dream home from the ground up, and we’ve got a selection of favorite Front Range locations to choose from:

Fort Collins

Fort Collins is one of the northernmost spots on Colorado’s Front Range and arguably the most charming. For Disney die-hards and fairytale fanatics, you’ll love the fact that downtown inspired Disneyland’s own Main Street USA! Home to Colorado State University and a plethora of families, this town is buzzing with local favorites, community activities, and outdoor adventures. Check out Horsetooth Reservoir or any craft brewery. According to Hashtag Colorado Life, FoCo is said to produce so much beer that it amounts for about 70% of Colorado’s total craft beer.


Exclusive Boulder, Colorado is among the most expensive locations to live in. This small town is buzzing with culture, art, food, young professionals, and is home to the Flatirons, the Boulder Reservoir, and FoCo rival, the University of Colorado. Its pedestrian mall, Pearl Street, is a hub for locals and tourists alike, with strong support for small businesses. You’ll fit right into the culture if you’re into the outdoors, fitness, gardening, coffee, and prioritize recycling, composting, and energy conservation.


The Mile High City and centrally-located Colorado capital is a Front Range must-see. It’s a great spot for businessmen and vacationing families to hop on a jet plane out of town via Denver International Airport. You know, the one with the big, white tents! Denver is considered by many to be the “Napa Valley of Beer”, second only to California in this arena. According to Denver Microbrew Tour, Denver Metro is home to 148+ breweries, with many located right downtown. There are about 92 breweries in the city of Denver alone. But hey, if you’re not into sipping, take advantage of great weather, tasty bites, nearby skiing, unique hotels, and Broncos football games!

Colorado Springs

“The Springs” is a more budget-friendly favorite for retirees and starting families, with a great focus on education and history! Don’t let this small town and slower paced lifestyle fool you - it has big-time views! Climb the awestriking fourteener, Pikes Peak, or take a scenic hike beside the red, jagged rocks at Garden of the Gods. Colorado Springs is home to the U.S. Airforce Academy, as well as the flagship U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center! That’s right, this mountain town is the hub where approximately 15,000 athletes train every year!

So, there you have it. We’ve highlighted a mere handful of our favorite Front Range locations where we have helped real people put down roots. Remember that Team Lassen is on your side, through buying, lending, and building! Just give your Front Range Real Estate Experts a call!

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