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A Tale of Summertime Selling Tips

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." so said Charles Dickens in The Tale of Two Cities. The same can be said for selling your home in the summer.

What makes the warm sunny season so spectacular for listing your home is people are out and about! Lunches in neighborhood parks and Sunday drives make for sales opportunities: yet on the flip side, it makes for extended vacations. Sadly, vacay equals vacate as it relates to possible buyers. However, for every head, there is a tail. Here are some spectacular summertime selling tips to provide a happy ending to your property tale:

3 Bright Tips to Sell

  • Traditionally it's been suggested that sellers should hold an open house in the mid-afternoon on the weekend, yet other bright ideas might include earlier in the am. Why you ask? Who wants to get up early on a Saturday or Sunday? Actually, it is statistically proven that morning people are more successful, thus offering you a little bit of "pre" pre-approval. Another good reason is to catch folks before they get busy. When the weather is warmer, the sandboxes are full! 
  • Don't list your home too far into the summer or too far out. Many folks won't buy or sell during the school year, either because they have children or sellers know that some buyers will. By placing a For Sale sign around mid-May, you allow time for interest to happen. If you are lucky enough to go into contract quickly, you'll be able to schedule the close of escrow near the time school is out. The same timeframe applies waiting too long to list your home. If you delay, everyone will have already made lunches and organized backpacks, again. Timing is everything. 
  • Vitamin D. What? No really, it's true. When you spend more time in the sun it allows you to soak up a lot of Vitamin D. This fun fourth letter of the alphabet creates a happy hormone in you (serotonin), and we all know if people are joyful they do more cool things...like buy a home!

If you're ready to see how smart people, school schedules, and the sunshine can get your home sold quickly, contact us. We'd like to create a story for you that ends with summer being "the best of times" to sell your home!