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Best Weekend Trips in Colorado: Adventures in the Ghost Town of Carson

Sitting at 12,000 feet near the Continental Divide, Carson was once home to bustling gold and silver mining operations. Although many prospered here during the 1890s and early 1900s, the harsh winters eventually drove miners out. Despite having not been inhabited for more than 100 years, the town surprisingly remains intact, and is a must-see for anyone desiring a fun weekend getaway.

To reach Carson, travel to Lake City, then take Highway 149 to Alpine Loop. This road will take you to Wager Gulch Trail, which provides access to Carson via horseback, mountain bike, 4x4, or on foot. Upon arrival, you will discover numerous cabins and outbuildings, and even a few abandoned relics. You are free to peruse these structures at your leisure, but please do not deface any buildings or disturb any plant life.

Continue along the Pacific side of the Continental Divide, and you will come to the sister town of Old Carson. Here you will find remnants of an old mining operation from a very high, scenic vantage point. Old Carson was an earlier mining town that was later replaced with the newer town of Carson, which contained a wagon road that provided access to and from Lake City.

The area near Carson and Old Carson is ideal for spotting wildflowers, particularly in late summer. You may also wish to access other trailheads such as the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail or the Colorado Trail, both of which are in close proximity to the ghost towns.

Colorado is home to dozens of ghost towns, but few are as carefully preserved as Carson and Old Carson. Their location makes them one of the most sought after destinations throughout the state. For more exciting road trip ideas or to learn more about real estate in Colorado, please feel free to contact us.