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Competing with Investors Flipping in the Colorado Real Estate Market

House flippers who buy and sell a home in less than a year for a profit gravitate to Colorado real estate market. Every day Colorado home sellers often profit indirectly by knowing how flipped homes boost exposure and resale value in a particular neighborhood. A recent article by pointed out Colorado Springs and Denver are a few of the main cities attracting experienced flippers as well as new investors. For people house hunting, the investor interest means more competition. On the other hand, home buyers interested in move-in ready upgraded homes often appreciate newly renovated houses with new appliances and modern flooring. The article a report by ATTOM Data Solutions that showed the hottest areas for flipping included zip code 80221 in Denver. Although flips often inflate home prices in a particular area, home sellers appreciate the boost.

Time the selling of your home

Recent studies show the best time of the year to sell a home is in May. But even if you missed a May selling opportunity, keep an eye on home flips in your neighborhood. Listing your home after an investor sells a renovated home often means more money for the seller. Renovated homes often sell for about $90,000 more. Oftentimes, potential buyers who toured the flipped home for sale remember the neighborhood. Even if they don’t make a bid or win in a bidding war, they will often look for similar homes to buy in the near future.

Keep your yard well-manicured

Even if you have not listed your Colorado real estate yet, make sure to maintain good curb appeal. Again, only one person buys the flipped property next door. But dozens of potential buyers notice your home as they go to open houses. Leave house hunters with a good impression so they remember your Colorado real estate when your home listing appears on the Internet.

Other tips include touring the investor homes to find out what kind of flooring, countertops, paint colors and décor items they chose. If you attend open houses, it’s easier to hear the feedback from other potential buyers so you know how to proceed with your own home improvements. At Team Lassen, we follow the latest Colorado real estate market trends. Talk to us about a marketing plan to sell your home as well as suggestions to get top market value. For more information on the seller’s market, contact us