Crossing the 2020 Finish Line - Team Lassen

Crossing the 2020 Finish Line

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year here at Team Lassen and we haven't slowed down a bit in the marathon to the New Year. We've helped 482 folks across the Front Range close on their homes and have given them guidance on the next step of their real estate journey. We've also helped countless more find a place to put down roots. 

One thing we can't discount this year is the incredibly low-interest rates we have seen. These do not come around often and we have jumped to assist homeowners in refinancing to allow them to take advantage and save. With the New Year just around the corner, let us help you ring it in the right way; by making a smart financial decision and building up your savings for a rainy day. 

Have questions about the refinancing process? We're here to answer! Team Lassen also boasts a faster turnaround time than banks, so we can get everything taken care of quickly and easily. After all, no one likes added stress around the holidays. Be sure to reach out today to get started!

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