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Design Features Buyers Crave in the Colorado Real Estate Market

Even though it's a hot Colorado real estate market, buyers often cast a frigid stare at homes that don't include some of the most coveted design features. According to an article by, just the kitchen alone includes 90 features that many home-buyers prefer. A recent study by Trulia identified some of the selling points of more than 5.7 home listings. When selling a home in Colorado, showcase your house's best features. Consider the modern home décor trends before spending tens of thousands to re-do your kitchen or bathrooms.

Upgrading with quarter countertops

If you plan to upgrade your kitchen countertops as part of a minor kitchen renovation, opt for quartz. Quartz countertops outshine marble as a more popular selling point for buyers.

Soaking in a tub after work

People who buy homes often fantasize about relaxing in a soaking tub after a long day at work or grueling hike. The Trulia study found soaking tubs are more in demand compared to claw-foot tubs.

Replacing the dingy carpet

If you aren't sure whether to leave wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedrooms, the consensus is that hardwood floors are superior. Since solid hardwood floors are expensive, replace carpet with an attractive laminate. If you already have a home with solid hardwood floors in poor condition, hire a professional to sand and finish the floors.

Other design features that buyers search for include white cabinets, subway tile and bay windows. Since home owners preferred dark cabinets just a few years ago, always check with your real estate about the preferences in a particular neighborhood. Bay windows give home owners in Colorado a chance to gaze out at the spectacular views. Consider replacing a few key windows to boost the listing appeal. Also, the study found buyers tend to gravitate to gas stoves instead of electric. Consider listing your kitchen as a "gourmet kitchen" if it includes upgrades and high-end features. At Team Lassen, we help home sellers avoid common mistakes that keep their homes from selling quickly. For more information about getting your home ready to sell in the dynamic Colorado real estate market, please contact us.