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Effortless Holiday Travel

The start of the holiday season — retail stores are lighting up with Christmas displays and the office party agendas are being confirmed. If your in-laws are coming to town we know that your to do list runs a mile long, and if you are traveling with multiple members of the family, planning can be equally hectic. Whether you are hosting one of the major holidays at your Denver home, or traveling to be a guest in someone else’s’, we’ve got a guide to help make your journey (or the journeys of your loved ones) as painless as possible. Savor the season and read on for tips to effortless holiday travel!  

Travel Smart
With boundless technology at our fingertips, shopping for flights is as simple as ordering home appliances online. In just a few taps we can enable ‘flight watch’ to monitor the best rates, and seat selection on any preferred airline. Once the purchase is finalized, and your travel date arrives, checking in at the airport can be a breeze. You don’t have to be incredibly tech savvy to use the self serving kiosk, but doing so will enable you to avoid the line & print your boarding passes using a confirmation code on your smartphone. Frequent flyers can even skip the security line with TSA Precheck. While smart traveling is convenient and a great way to save time, don’t forget the basics! Leave early, plan ahead and plot connections carefully to keep from getting stuck along the way. 

Pack Wisely & Comfortably 
Has it been a while since you last flew? Before you pack, make yourself familiar with the latest TSA rules regarding what’s allowed in carry-on bags. Liquid and gel restrictions apply to items such as holiday leftovers — so if you were planning to bring home some of your mom’s famous cranberry sauce, you may have to reconsider. Keep in mind that most airlines charge travelers a fee for checked bags so if you have lotion, wine or other gifts that exceed the 3-1-1 rule, prepare to put these into your checked bag. To make your experience even more enjoyable, bring your own fleece to keep you warm on a chilly holiday flight. For longer flights, consider ear plugs, noise canceling headphones or an eye mask to help you sleep. 

Denver isn’t only a beautiful place to call home, it’s also a beautiful place to come home after an extended getaway. Although our city is a popular destination for the holidays, we also know plenty metro area residents will be heading elsewhere. For some, traveling can be a hassle, but if you set yourself up ahead of time and utilize some of our tips, you can get to and from with few setbacks. Are you ready for a holiday vacation? Tell us where you’re going!