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Help and Humor: Avoid Bungling a Sale in the Colorado Real Estate Market

To avoid bungling a sale in the intense Colorado real estate market, start by having a sense of humor. People who laugh at themselves and don't mind asking for help often find greater success. According to an article by, there are 6 epic ways to mess up a home sale and self-sabotaging by getting in your own way. Of course, some issues require common sense. Don't linger around during an open house or follow potential buyers as they take a tour of your home in Castle Rock, Westminster or nearby communities. Also, pick up the litter on the front lawn and remove any newly sprouted weeds even if you don't have time for an entire landscaping project.

Is my home priced right?

Pricing your home too high or too low spells problems, especially for sellers in the competitive Colorado real estate market. Don't overestimate your home's worth based on your emotional state. Talk to your real estate agent about a game plan for pricing and negotiation. Your real estate agent compares your home to other in-demand properties that show well.

Does my home look good in photographs?

Work with your real estate agent on good professional photography as well as video tours of the home. One epic mistake people make is failing to clean up and stage before the photography shoot. For example, don't take photographs of half-torn up carpet or the various cleaning supplies laying around. People get the idea that you are still working on the home, which ruins the visual image you want them to have of your home in its best condition.

Am I qualified to fix that toilet?

Instead of making home repairs yourself, hire a plumber, electrician and contractor as needed. Don't rely on a relative who has very little experience holding a paint brush. Certified contractors and licensed professionals spend every day improving a home, while you or well-intended friends could damage the house.

Where can I go during a home showing?

Of course, most home sellers feel curious about how potential buyers react to their new pendant lighting or the sunshine yellow paint they chose for the kitchen. During a home showing, take a walk or drive to a coffee shop to relax. The goal isn't to make a potential buyer feel awkward. At the same time, if you feel nervous about someone stealing your things, lock up valuables. Experts now also urge home sellers to lock up pharmaceuticals or remove them from the bathrooms during open houses and showings.

Did I fully disclose all the relevant facts?

Don't make the colossal mistake of withholding valuable information from buyers. Some pertinent information to share with your real estate information includes previous or current termite damage, flood damage or pending liability lawsuits related to the home. Your agent will want to provide buyers with a property disclosure statement. Telling the truth about the home builds trust.

Do I take offers too personally?

It's natural to feel attached to your home. Many Colorado homeowners feel proud of their beautiful homes, especially when they worked on the homes for years. Experts advise sellers to avoid letting your ego get in the way of accepting a reasonable offer. Don't get so stuck on your full list price that you can't see an opportunity to sell. Also, don't take a low offer as a personal insult. Most sellers do well to make a counteroffer. Letting your home sit on the market too long often tarnishes its value.

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