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Off-Putting Seller Mistakes in the Colorado Real Estate Market

It's not always easy for a potential buyer or real estate agent to point out the off-putting factors that deter a buyer in the Colorado real estate market. But if you want your Colorado home to sell quickly, consider what turns off prospective buyers. According to a piece by, most real estate agents concur with the idea that a well-staged home bumps up a home's value. But even in a seller's market, it's possible to hear not even a whisper of an offer if you break the cardinal rules of Colorado real estate. Since buying a home is an emotional decision peppered with logic, consider a potential buyer's tastes.

Neglecting to stage

Work with a professional designer if you own a luxury home. For homes in a lower price range, consult with your real estate agent about the most popular décor in your particular part of town. A National Association of Realtors report showed 77 percent of agents said a staged home helps buyers visualize the potential. After removing many of your personal items, fill in the space with inspiring paintings, furniture and décor. At the same time, don't overdo the customization and staging.

Going to extremes with the yard

If you landscape too much, your potential buyer simply considers all the yard work. It's true that trees provide shade in the summer, reducing utility bills. But the key is to plant Colorado-friendly plants that don't need tons of pruning, watering and maintenance. Also, avoid yard décor since it tends to turn off buyers.

Leaving evidence behind

When it comes to evidence in a home for sale, it's not about a crime scene but pets and children. Remove pet toys, children's toys and all of the items associated with pets or children. Today's home buyers like to think of a home as a new place even if it's not actually new construction. Give them the feeling of entering a model home as opposed to a daycare or pet grooming facility.

Other deal breakers for some buyers include foul odors, rooms converted into spaces they can't understand such as one for an obscure hobby. Brighten the space with lighting and thin out your closet and storage areas so nothing looks jammed together. At Team Lassen, we share the latest real estate market trends in Colorado with our clients. For more tips on how to prepare your home to list in Colorado, please contact us.