Reset and Refinance for 2021! - Team Lassen

Reset and Refinance for 2021!

New year, new levels of uncertainty. As you spend so much more time working remotely, it is difficult not to have lingering thoughts as a homeowner about interest rates and inflation. If you are thinking of refinancing your mortgage, the time to act is now, and we are here to help!

Refinancing now while rates are historically low (below 3%) could gift you with future savings.

Inflation keeps us fearful. A constant on a homeowner’s mind is the rising cost of living and the wariness of the economy. But if you land a fixed-rate mortgage at today’s low rates, you may be in great shape! (Plus, the value of a home in Denver Metro is on the rise.)

Whatever you do - sell, buy, refinance - make sure you make use of this year, like a giant red reset button for 2020! Contact us today for your free consultation!

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