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Visit Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

An hour and a half from Denver puts you in some of the world's most beautiful countryside, and right on the doorstep of one of the world's most iconic hotels. In a delightful ninety minutes, you will be at Estes Park Visitor Center. From here most visitors do one of three things:

  • They take a stroll along the Big Thompson River, that runs outside the center, and visit the town.
  • They go on over to the Stanley Hotel or they
  • Take a shuttle, or drive themselves, into Rocky Mountain National Park.

The visitor center staff are welcoming and knowledgeable. Ask anything about the town and the area; they are there to help. Pick up flyers, maps, buy souvenirs, books, and framed pictures; they have it all.

Estes Park Town

A stroll of a little over 350 yards along the riverbank from the visitor center gets you into the town center. Enjoy playing the public xylophones as you walk along. Stop for a minute at the Remembrance Station to honor those who served and who still serve this country. Get yourself a coffee and sit on the riverbank watching the water bounce over the rocks. Buy leather goods, jewelry, fantastic clothes from boutique stores, or treat yourself to lunch; there are so many fine and fun restaurants to tempt you.

No matter what time of year you visit, there is something to see. It may be the moose and elk who pass through the town (and who relax on the golf course by the hundred, sometimes.) It may be the gorgeous fall foliage when the aspen trees change their color, or it may be one of the public festivals and events that the town and Chamber organize throughout the year.

The Stanley Hotel

Impressive, beautiful, haunted, famous; The Stanley Hotel has it all. "The Shining" was filmed here, and if you remember the film "Dumb and Dumber," it was up Stanley Hotel steps that the two heroes made their great entrance (not in Aspen) and stood at the bar drinking, chatting, and embarrassing themselves! Soon, the hotel will rebuild the famous maze.

Rocky Mountain National Park

If you want to experience grandeur like nowhere else, take the shuttle bus or drive yourself through Rocky Mountain National Park. Buy your daily, weekly, or annual pass at one of the two park entrances. Seniors (over 62) can buy a lifetime pass that gives you access to thousands of recreation sites all over America, so make sure you have proof of your age.

RMNP will take you above the tree line into amazing, alpine scenery. Drive up Trail Ridge Road, which is the highest paved road in the USA, or follow Old Fall River Road up to the park's highest visitor center. See the corries and tarns, stop and gaze at the glacial valleys, photograph the magnificent wildlife, then return to Estes Park for your trip home. If you decide to rent a hotel room, a condo or a house for a vacation stop, you will find everything from woodland to riverfront to town center accommodation.

Ninety minutes from Denver takes you to a magnificent, beautiful, and unique world. While you contemplate your trip, and you would like to learn more about our real estate services, please just click this link to contact us.