Why Staging Photos Matter - Team Lassen

Why Staging Photos Matter

The World Wide Web has afforded us instant access to any kind of content that we desire. In a few taps, we are immediately connected to trends and timelines as far as the thumb can scroll. Without a doubt, the internet has indeed transformed the way we send and receive information. With this in mind, read on to find some of the top reasons why listing photos matter!  

Picture Perfect: 
It might not seem worth it to make every listing look like a curated Instagram feed, but it will actually do you a grand service long term. Potential Colorado buyers want to be able to picture themselves in their future home. They want to imagine what their belongings will look like there, so highlighting space in the photos is a great strategy. Some of the most looked at photos of the interior are usually the kitchen, master bedroom, and master bathroom. Use the natural light to your advantage and make the most of it in these areas. For the perfect exterior shot, be sure to capture the entirety of the house without washing out any of the features.

Declutter and DIY’s
Although staging your home is a wonderful idea to entice Colorado buyers, listing photos should be taken before you do so. In addition, free all spaces of clutter, garbage, and personal items such as family photos. Keep the rooms as empty as possible so that decorative art doesn’t distract the potential buyer's eyes away from the mantel on the fireplace. Though real estate photography isn’t something you should skimp on, if you want to try and do it yourself, open up the curtains to capture the essence of these areas without casting shadows: (Kitchen, master bathroom, master bedroom, exterior, main room). Take your time to get great shots and be sure there isn't anything in the photo that would obstruct the view, such as a foggy day or a pet. 

As a progressive company in the real estate industry, we know how important it is to capture the attention of potential buyers right away. Not only do listing photos show that the property has been cared for, but they also help a buyer determine (almost instantaneously) whether or not they even want to walk through. Make the most of your listing and use these tips to showcase your home in the best light possible!