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3 Reasons Why You Need a Realtor

Online buying and virtual open houses may have left you wondering, “Why would I need to enlist a real estate agent?” Everything is seemingly laid out before you, and besides, you’re fairly market-savvy. However, going it alone could land you in some unforeseeable sticky situations. Your focus is generally on your pocket, not on the moving pieces around you. Aside from all the negotiating and paperwork, simply put, it’s emotionally draining to buy or sell a home. Why not let someone else do the dirty work? Here are a few reasons to hire a Realtor (ahem, a Team Lassen agent)!

1. They’ve Got Connections That You Don’t

Agents have chosen real estate as a career, not as a hobby or a side hustle. They have to be experts from situation to situation because they are passionate about the industry, and their income and referrals depend on it. Over the years, they’ve accumulated more know-how and have met more people in the industry than you would by playing telephone. They are your bridge between buyers and sellers. If a new listing pops up, they’ll be the first to know. Looking for a home that fulfills your checklist? They know where to go and who to talk to about it. Your day-to-day focus is likely on your own career and family. Never fear, a Realtor will set up your appointments and notify you about open houses. 

The same goes for selling your home. A real estate agent will reach out to interested buyers for you. They handle the missed calls, quick callbacks, and no-shows that take up precious time.

2. They’re Ready to Bargain

Many may think that skipping an agent and negotiating directly reaps more benefits. It would be nice to think that both parties involved in the transaction are transparent and genuine and will come to a clean conclusion, but you can never be sure.

Consider, for example, that you’ve found the perfect location and build, but the finishes make you crazy. The carpet is highly outdated, the kitchen is painted a gaudy color, and the upgrades will cost you. Instead of directly relaying your grief to the seller, insulting their tastes, vent to your Realtor. Their position as the expert mitigator will make for a smoother foundation for negotiation.

3. They Read the Fine Print

Contracts are there to protect you or harm you. The choice is yours. And we can’t blame people who get tripped up by a contract - they’re tricky! So why not scan the pages through the lens of a Realtor. They see these deals every day.

Forbes points it out swimmingly. “If you plan to buy a home with a mortgage but you fail to make financing one of the conditions of the sale--and you aren't approved for the mortgage--you can lose your deposit on the home and could even be sued by the seller for failing to fulfill your end of the contract.”

At the End of the Day

You may think you’ll be saving a buck if you forego the traditional Realtor route, but in the end, you’ll be saving yourself and your wallet by hiring a licensed professional. You also may think you’re ready to handle contracts, conditions, negotiations, and other peoples’ personalities, but it’s best to have an ally when you’re crawling through the trenches. Stick with a Realtor. You know you’ve always got a friend in Team Lassen! Give us a call.

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