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Team Lassen Listing Tips

If you’ve been considering selling your home in Denver, you’ve undoubtedly heard it’s still a seller’s market. Low interest rates, coupled with low inventory levels have led to panicked buyers making quick, emotion-filled purchase decisions in the first quarter of 2021. However, just because the odds are in your favor as a seller doesn’t mean you can just throw your home on the market and expect to bring in top dollar. We have a few strategic listing tips to consider when selling your home this year:

Know Your Buyer (and How to Appeal to Them)

Ensure your listing is well-maintained and on-point when it comes to design and amenities. In the midst of a buyer frenzy, homes sitting on the market are often not updated and not priced accordingly. Even desperate buyers know a junker when they see one and your un-updated, overpriced listing can and will sit.

Making some small adjustments can garner more interest and command a higher final selling price. A fresh coat of paint and some minor tweaks, paired with a little modern staging, and your home might just command a price you’d prefer. Here are a few examples of inexpensive, but effective, additions: A Nest thermostat and other smart home gadgets can get otherwise disinterested buyers excited. New wall outlet plates, door knobs and cabinet hardware, faucets, lighting fixtures and other finishes can bring an older home up to date cosmetically.

First-time buyer properties will likely remain hot, updated or not, because there are always more eligible buyers in that category. More expensive homes can sit longer unless the seller (and their agent!) take the time to determine what a prospective buyer looks like for their specific home and cater to that. Luckily, at Team Lassen, this is part of our specialty!

Photos and Staging Matter (Maybe More Than Ever)

One of the most crucial things you can get right (or very wrong) is photography. Home buying is very emotional, and this is definitely one area of home selling where it pays dividends to hire a pro. 

After all, more buyers are perusing listings online or via their smartphone before they ever even contact an agent, so your listing’s photography serves as its critical first impression. Professional photos taken with the right camera, in the right lighting, and with the right angle/composition will work wonders at capturing a buyer’s interest. 

#ProTip: Make your best photo the featured photo for your listing, even if it’s not the front of the house. Some prospective buyers may not bother clicking through to see the rest if they don’t like the first picture they see.

Vet Your Agent

When you decide to list, it’s important to vet your agent and ask them what the game plan is. Obviously, you want to list and get top dollar these days, but this doesn’t mean throwing out the basics of solid listing strategy. Your agent should be familiar with what price points work for certain neighborhoods and layouts and list your home accordingly. It’s important to discuss these particulars early on, and here at Team Lassen, we work to make sure we get these critical selling details right from the very beginning.

Questions about the best strategy for listing your home in Denver? Give us a call! We’d love to give you more critical Team Lassen Listing Tips!

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