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Donate to Children With Cancer

Logan Moore, son of Team Lassen owner Sarah Lassen and Tim Moore, is a cancer survivor who is now in 8th grade! Logan was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive lung tumor when he was just 3 ½  years old. His doctors said he had a 30% chance of surviving. Thanks to the phenomenal response of Children’s Hospital’s doctors in Colorado and Minnesota, Logan is alive and THRIVING today! 

As many of you know, Logan was chosen to be an Ambassador for Children's Hospital because of his journey surviving cancer. As an ambassador, Logan has reached out to the community over the radio, on multiple news stations, at golf tournaments, groundbreaking ceremonies, and as a Jr. Reporter for the Denver Broncos! Most recently, he got to do a photo shoot with Peyton Manning and another ambassador to inspire hope and courage. This year, Logan has organized a fundraiser at his very own middle school!

Logan is organizing a Penny Pot Competition for his fellow middle school students to help raise money for Children’s Hospital

At Children's Hospital, every aspect of the service is geared towards kids and young adults and their unique needs. Their technologies and treatments are specifically designed for pediatric use. They also take kids emotional well being into account so they are able to heal quicker and get home sooner. 

Help Logan meet his goal to raise $10,000 for kids fighting cancer. Metro Brokers – Team Lassen will match all funds donated up to $5,000!

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