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Great Fall Hikes To Do In Colorado

A nice long walk can be a great way to get active and take in some of the glorious Colorado air. Add the infamous fall foliage, a beautiful backdrop, and a bit of curiosity to create a recipe for the perfect fall hike. For those of us who have the privilege of calling the Centennial State home, we know that the weather can change without much warning. To those who have yet to grow accustomed to the erratic temps, it may seem abnormal to experience chilly days in May. Though we are known as a state that can experience all four seasons in one day, one thing is certain —fall is possibly one of the most beautiful times of year on this side of the Rockies and if you’re looking to get out and enjoy the autumn bathed scenery, read on! 

Well Known & Moderate
Upper Piney River Falls Trail
Located near Vail, Colorado this popular trail is about 6 miles and isn’t too difficult to traverse so it’s a good option if you have kids or pets. Drive time is about 2.5 hours outside of Denver and the upper path is where you can find sprawling Aspen meadows. Follow the trail further to find a rocky outcropping above a chasm created by the rising water. Guanella Pass at Silver Dollar Lake & Murray Lake is also an easy choice to spend the day gorging the breathtaking views and Colorado fall landscapes. 

Off the Beaten Path
For hikers that want to avoid the crowds and challenge themselves a bit more, the Chautauqua Trail in Palmer Lake is rated as one of the best by locals. The trail connects the Palmer Lake Reservoir Trailhead to Balanced Rock road, south of the upper reservoir. It tracks parallel to Balanced Rock road along the ridge over Chautauqua Mountain. The views are outstanding, & most of the hike is leisurely and pleasant. Devil’s Playground in Pikes Peak is rather popular, but if you’re an avid hiker looking to step it up, cross the highway and follow the trail for a few more miles to the summit of Pikes Peak. 

Whether you’re a resident of Colorado or just visiting, this state offers so many beautiful destinations right in our backyard. With the right preparation, you can enjoy many trails throughout the year & fall is the greatest time to observe the natural wonder of our autumn foliage. Will you be planning a Coloradan outing soon? Tell us where you’re headed!