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Reviving a Stale Listing in the Colorado Real Estate Market

If you tried to sell your home on your own, but haven't seen any legitimate bites, consider reviving a stale listing in the Colorado real estate market with the help of a real estate agent. A real estate pro often has a network of contacts ready to land a sale in less time. According to a piece by, there are a few ways to perk up potential buyers' interest in a home that won't sell. If your plan to switch real estate agents, consider increasing communication with your new agent. Oftentimes, a quick sale matters to avoid foreclosure or to allow a relocation plan.

Opening up the communication line

Talk to your new real estate agent about the median days on the Colorado real estate market for listings. If it's just a bad time of the year for home sales, don't jump to renovate your home or paint the exterior. Ask your real estate agent about the feedback received from potential buyers.

Analyzing your expectations

Consider whether you have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the listing price. Don't let vanity or pride stand in the way of a speedy home sale in Colorado. A lack of offers often stems from inflated listing prices. But if you too few people look at your home, reassess the photos online.

Real estate experts suggest working with new representation if you experience a major personality conflict with an agent or can't make progress on showings and offers. Before slashing your asking price, consider the overall competition in your Colorado area. Make any major repairs if your home languished on the market due to inspection problems. When it comes to selling a home in Colorado, rely on a professional real estate agent as well as luck and timing. Oftentimes, the hardest part is learning to remain patient through the process. At Team Lassen, we work with home sellers interested in fresh, new marketing strategies for rapid home sales. For more ideas on how to refresh a stale real estate listing, please contact us.