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6 Things to Inspect Before Moving Quickly to Buy in the Colorado Real Estate Market

Although a home inspector provides valuable information, people who want to buy in the Colorado real estate market make a more informed decision by knowing how to inspect a home. Taking a few moments to see details others miss often saves you time by knocking a few contenders off the list. In the competitive and fast-paced Colorado real estate market, getting held up too long on the wrong home often prevents a buyer from landing the right home. According to a recent article by bankrate.com, if you notice potential defects or problems, your real estate could use the information to negotiate a lower price. When you pay a certified inspector to look at the home, the individual will likely allow you to accompany him or her while making a more thorough inspection.

The foundation

The foundation is one of the key features the inspector examines. If you want to quickly scan a home for problems during an initial tome tour, look for floors that aren’t level, cracked walls and jammed doors. You don’t need a professional to notice a few telltale signs of a foundation problem.

The roof

Your real estate agent will let you know when the previous owners replaced the roof. If the home is less than 20 years old, it’s possible it still has the original roof. Signs of a leaking roof include water stains.


When a home has extra insulation or more advanced insulation products, it typically means a lower utility bill. If the home feels too hot or too cold for the season, ask about the insulation.

The paint

If you are touring an older home from before 1978, find out if there is any lead paint in the home. Lead paint is especially dangerous if you have children. As far as the choice of paint colors, don't let a poor color choice deter you since it's an easy fix.

The electrical work

When looking at real estate to buy in Colorado, find out whether the owners experience problem with the outlets. An inspector will do a more thorough job of inspecting the wiring in the home you want to buy.

The plumbing

Evidence of plumbing problems include water damage such as stains on the walls, floors or ceiling. If water spilled over the floors, the flooring is likely warped. Mold is a potential health problem associated with water damage. Inspectors check under the sinks as well as in crawl space and basements.

If you are ready to buy real estate in Colorado, Team Lassen is available to help. For more tips on how to quickly inspect a home for livability and a quick move-in without substantial renovations, please contact us.