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Colorado is the Perfect Place to Buy

In Colorado, property values have been on a steady incline for over a decade, especially in desirable Front-Range communities and mountain towns. Anyone lucky enough to have entered the market in that time has seen their equity build and their investment pay off.

On the flip side, as the desirability of these areas increases, so too does the cost of renting. In fact, many homeowners could potentially rent their homes for hundreds more than they pay in mortgage. Add to that the availability of excellent interest rates for well-qualified buyers and the immense pride of home ownership and you can start to see why Colorado is the perfect place to buy. 

Imagine that each monthly check that disappeared into someone else's pocket was actually an investment in your own. Imagine being finished the stress and hassle of finding room mates and dealing with unpredictable landlords. Owning has more certainty and peace of mind.

Once you have decided to make a certain community home, or to purchase a solid investment property there, it is time to make a move. Don't wait for the market to appreciate next year, or for interest rates to rise.

Feel like buying is out of your reach? Not able to save for that 20% down-payment? Take some time to meet with a local mortgage broker to discuss options like FHA, Veteran's purchase options and zero-down, subsidized loans unique to many of our less-populated counties like the USDA Rural Development loan. You may be very surprised at the many financing options available to you and your family. 

No matter what your situation, more information is always better, and any step towards home ownership is the right one. Talk to the experts with Team Lassen today to see what those steps might look like for you.