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Design Trends for the New Year

Looking back on the last few decades, it’s clear that design trends have consistently changed and evolved with each passing year. It may be unrealistic to completely redesign and overhaul your home every 365 days, but a few tweaks each year may be just what your home needs to feel renewed amongst the constantly changing home decor trends. As 2020 approaches, this topic seems especially prevalent. Home decor and interior design companies, services, and freelancers have been doing their research on what trends people are leaning towards heading into the new year. Listed below are three design movements we predict will be popular in 2020 that in turn, may help you feel confident in creating a space that feels up-to-date!

Minimalism Maximalism

Minimalism has been a trend for years, but going into the new year there will be a slight change to the trend referred to as “Minimalism Maximalism.” This style incorporates a minimalistic approach on design principles while also strategically adding in maximalist concepts like patterns, colors, and textures. The point of this concept is to give a space more dramatic effect without the feeling of overwhelm or clutter. An example of how to achieve this is to combine minimal furniture with a bold, colorful, and patterned rug or wall decor piece.

Picture: Reno Guide Blog

Natural Materials 

Curated design research shows that incorporating natural materials such as plants, jute rugs, and wooden furniture/accents will be a popular trend to follow heading into the new year. Integrating pieces such as a wooden coffee table or bar stools, an earthy rug, or greenery (i.e succulents, moss, or house plants) can take your home from feeling bland to earthy chic in no time.

Picture: Modsy Blog

The “She Shed”

Man caves are a thing of the past. She Sheds are essentially the opposite concept, creating a space outside of the co-living area that is more feminine in its design and purpose. A she shed does not have to have a traditional, pink, frilly feminine feel. It can be specific to the person and geared towards their hobbies, likes, and interests. A she shed can have many different uses including but not limited to: a movie theatre, art studio, closet/vanity space, a reading nook, and more! The options for this uniquely designed space are endless. 

Picture: Country Living Blog

These trends for the upcoming year may easily give your home the facelift it needs as we say goodbye to the past decade. Incorporate bold patterns with minimal principals, add in some greenery and earthy elements, and create your own personal space by designing a she shed, and your home will be the talk of the town until next December!

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