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Enjoy These Winter Activities in Colorado Before It's Too Late

For those who have spent a few winters in Colorado before, you know the only thing predictable about the weather is how unpredictable it is! It doesn't matter if it is December or April, one day it can be 60 degrees and the next it can be dumping three feet of snow.

Having said that, there are only a few more official months of winter left. And with spring around the corner, here is a list of 3 winter activities in Colorado to enjoy before it's too late. Everyone knows Colorado is known for the snowy slopes for skiing and snowboarding so this list is going to avoid that, to make you aware of some other great activities.

  1. Ice Skating: Ice skating can be a sweet romantic event or fun for the whole family. There are many outdoor rinks throughout the state, depending on what is convenient for you. According to an article from Colorado.com, you can find urban rinks in Fort Collins and Boulder. If you want a more mountainous experience, Evergreen offers a 40-acre lake to skate on and many of the ski resorts have skating rinks as well.
  2. Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride: If you are more of the snuggle-in-for-the-winter type, you may enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride where you can bundle up with blankets, sip on a hot chocolate, and tour various locations across Colorado. Click here to find some of the best sleigh rides in the state.
  3. Ice Fishing: Ice fishing is a pass time like none other. Enjoy relaxing in a cozy shack with a couple of friends, soaking up the breath-taking scenery of the Rocky Mountains. At the same time, experience the thrill of hooking a lake trout from far beneath the icy surface. Check out this article for a list of the 8 best lakes for ice fishing in Colorado.

Before the winter is over, pack up the car, head up to the mountains, and enjoy some ice skating, a sleigh ride, and ice fishing. Or maybe you can find one of these fun activities closer to home. For more information, contact us today at Team Lassen.