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Fall and Winter Advantages for the Colorado Real Estate Market

Buying a home in the fall or winter is ideal for many home buyers looking for better deals. Although the Colorado real estate market is open 365 days a year, cyclical trends work to the home buyer’s advantage. According to a piece by fairfaxtimes.com, autumn is the second busiest time of the year for real estate. In Colorado, the weather is beautiful during the autumn and early winter months. It’s easier for home sellers to show off their best features with lovely blankets of snow and seasonal decorations. As a buyer, consider of few of the advantages of buying homes during the real estate “off-season.”

Taking advantage of tax breaks

When you buy or sell a home at the end of the year, you get to take advantage of any relevant tax breaks. Some sellers wait until January to list a home because of capital gains taxes, but most simply consider the mortgage interest and property tax deductions.

Competing against serious contenders

Experts point out more window shoppers come out to house hunt in the spring. In the fall or winter, there are more serious competitors vying for Colorado homes for sale. If you want to buy a home, show your intent by getting a pre-approval letter from a lender. Also, shop within your price range with the help of a real estate agent. With your pre-approval for a loan, it’s easier to jump on the home you want.

Moving with or without children

People who don’t have school-age children often experience an easier move in the summer. But if you find a home you like, prepare your children for switching schools or experiencing a longer drive to school. If you don’t have to worry about children, take advantage of the autumn and winter with fewer families touring houses. As a seller, consider pre-retirees and retirees when staging and fixing up your home.

During the final months of the year, many new home builders offer close-out inventory. Talk to a Colorado real estate agent about the available inventory of new and existing homes. At Team Lassen, we help first-time buyers and move-up homebuyers find their dream homes in the Colorado real estate market. For more tips on home buying and selling in the colder months, contact us.