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Prepare Your Home for Selling: Don’t Overspend in a Seller’s Market

Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff recently shared surprising advice. When you go to prepare your home for selling, stick to minimal renovation. It makes sense with the seller’s market in Colorado. Launching into a major home renovation project not only costs money that you won’t recoup, but potential buyers could actually feel turned off by your décor choices. Still, there are key ways to prep your home for a quick sale that won’t require a lot of money. According to a recent article by, the most important step is to enlist the help of a Colorado real estate agent. A real estate agent who specializes in Colorado real estate walks through your home with a different perspective. An agent hears what today’s buyers prefer and how they respond to various paint colors.

Clearing out the clutter and painting

It does not cost a lot of money to clear out the clutter. It’s worth spending a few hundred to hire professionals to haul away old furniture that isn’t suitable for charities. Rascoff advises sellers to remove clutter and apply fresh coats of paint. An article by points to a University of Maryland study that shows men and women prefer blue. A Zillow analysis of homes that sold for more money proved sellers get more money when they paint their bathrooms and bedrooms light blue. Colors to avoid include yellow and pink or even a lack of a color.

Giving the bathroom a fresh look

Although real estate agents often insist the kitchen sells a home, buyers feel turned off by homes with clutter or bad odors. A dingy looking bathroom is also a major deterrent. Use money from a small budget to replace older bathroom bowls with stains. Since most bathrooms are smaller, it’s not as expensive to invest in better bathroom flooring.

When preparing to sell, pay attention to small details such as clean baseboards, replaced lightbulbs, dusted ceiling fans and clean grout lines. At Team Lassen, we help sellers get their homes ready to list so they attract multiple offers. For more tips on how to get your home ready to sell in the real estate market, please contact us.